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April 12, 2021

01: Pilot- Google enters Cyber Insurance and shadow websites

01: Pilot- Google enters Cyber Insurance and shadow websites
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12th April, 2021: Welcome to the first episode of FS Brew, where we talk about interesting events, news and products from the world of insurance and financial services.

Each of us have picked few latest market news and developments which we felt was interesting. 

Podcast hosts: Renjit Philip ( : Startup Advisor & Head- Business Development for an Insurtech called Symbo Insurance.

Vidya Veerapandian: CEO/Founder of

I hope you will enjoy listening to our take on these news items.


Google gets into Cyber insurance. Two insurers that have partnered with Google for the offering are Allianz SE’s corporate insurance unit, AGCS, and Munich Re Group. The search giant says that the firms will provide “specialized and enhanced cyber insurance designed exclusively for Google Cloud customers.” According to Google, the price of purchasing the insurance for customers will be directly tied to how well they secure their information technology environments.

AXA Motor Campaign's online purchase experience is pretty seamless. It was a clean execution with clear messages of the 'advantages' of buying Car Insurance from AXA. The main hook was the up to 50% safe driver discount

An interesting search activity led by is creation of many shadow websites such as,, etc. If you go to any of these websites, you will notice at the bottom of these website, you will find them referring to as products of This we know is a trend commonly used by many retailers to have strong backlinks and to strengthen their website domain authority, essentially building credibility in the eyes of Google.

The Emirates Insurance Association has confirmed that it will present a proposal for an electronic link between insurance companies and vehicle licensing authorities, so as to enhance traffic safety.

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