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March 30, 2023

In conversation with Gautam Datta- Building a Takaful Insurance Giant using M&A

In conversation with Gautam Datta- Building a Takaful Insurance Giant using M&A
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Here's our latest podcast episode with Gautam Datta from Watania Takaful
When we interviewed him a few weeks back, the freshly merged Dar Al Takaful PJSC and #Watania entity were on the verge of revealing their new name, which he makes reference to in the interview. 
We had a great time speaking to him about a no. of things, ranging from: 
🕰️ the timeline of this seemingly complex merger; how it all panned out 
⛳ the importance of having a singular company culture post-merger 
📢 criticality of a good comms strategy and how Dar Al Takaful PJSC being Dubai- based and #Watania being Abu Dhabi based helped 
🎰 crippling issues facing the industry such as the pricing/ discount culture which goes against the very grain of the insurance principle of probability 
🙆‍♂️ how regulatory intervention to fix these issues means denting the confidence of the public towards the industry and raising credibility issues  
🎯 new entity's PL and CL strategy 
⌚ his approach to trends and insurtech- a matter of collaboration and using the services to ultimately drive superior customer experience 
🦸🏻‍♂️ their evolving diversification plans which are highly dependent on emerging risks- cyber, pandemic-based, pension
🔥 a fun rapid-fire Q&A at the end of the interview- getting to know his fav books, hobby, music band, and even his fav #middleeast city! 
If anyone in the insurance sector is currently questioning the larger purpose of the industry, then this is the interview to watch to rekindle the 'power of protection' based on which this industry was formed. 
Link to the interview in the comments. Don't miss this episode! 👇
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