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Dec. 23, 2021

09: Customer experience + Insurance aggregator = Disruption

09: Customer experience + Insurance aggregator = Disruption

We spoke to Rachel Al Mughairi (RB Al Mughairi DipCII on LinkedIn ), Chief Engagement Officer from

We had an interesting conversation about all things customer and employee engagement, innovation in the UAE insurance market, and key metrics used by the aggregator.
We even tackled the much-discussed topic of pricing in the motor insurance portfolio driven by the 'discount' culture.

Questions and Topics:

Day in the life of a Chief Engagement Officer. 

Building an insurance brand in the UAE 

Dealing with insurance competitors: aggregators and insurtechs (Beema & Hala) entering the market in full force. 

What are some of things InsuranceMarket is investing in to remain on top of the customer expectations?

Motor insurance pricing in the UAE and what role InsuranceMarket can play in creating a sustainable portfolio?

Going back to your role, tell us 3 CX metrics and 3 digital sales/ marketing metrics that you value and monitor in your daily dashboard and many more...

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