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July 14, 2021

05: Fireside chat- Past, Present and Future of Insurance with Dr. Sanjeev Jha and Adrit Raha

05: Fireside chat- Past, Present and Future of Insurance with Dr. Sanjeev Jha and Adrit Raha
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Hello and Welcome to FS Brew's first fireside chat with industry leaders. I am Renjit Philip, I advise Startups on their digital business models, go to market strategies, funding and financials. I work with a Insurtech called Symbo, where we help insurers, brokers and agents in going digital. 

For today's episode, we have with us two stalwarts from the Industry- Dr. Sanjeev Jha and Adrit Raha.

Dr. SANJEEV JHA is the Founder & Principal of Strumng, a niche consultancy services focused on developing competencies of insurers, insurance brokers, distributors, service providers and emerging insurtech entities.

He is a Consultant to Fairfax for their Asia operations and is actively involved in their insurance operations across high growth markets of Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India. 

Sanjeev is a Fulbright scholar in Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, and a PhD in Economics. 

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Adrit Raha is the CO-FOUNDER & CO-CEO at Symbo, one of the fastest growing insurtechs in the region. His focus is scaling the technology platform globally with partners across India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The platform supports agents, TPAs, brokers, corporates and insurers in the seamless purchase, distribution and administration of insurance across India and Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining Symbo, Adrit worked with Global insurers like AIG & RSA across multiple markets and most recently leading a health-tech start up (Vivant) which was merged in to Symbo.

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Questions we cover:

What are the main customer trends that you have seen in the industry during and beyond the COVID pandemic?

What is the driving force for insurtech in the APAC region? How is your company helping solve the problems of the insurers in the region?

How is technology transforming the insurance landscape in India & APAC?

What do you about the relationship between insurtechs and insurance value chain players - how has the relationship evolved?

How do you see the role of super Apps such as Grab / Gojek or Paytm in Insurance distribution? Is that going to increase or is it an attempt to emulate what has worked in the Chinese market (example Wechat)?

When we look at companies like PingAn, there are tens of thousands of tech talent. Is this what the modern insurance companies will look like? How is the so called "war for talent" playing out in your startup and in the companies that you worked for?

What does future hold for the insurtech and insurance industry? 

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